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Net Security Training is an Education company whose total focus is the provision of specialized courses that cater for Cyber Security and Information Assurance professionals.

Cyber Security, IT Security, Information Risk Management, Compliance and Governance training are the cornerstone of our course offerings.

We have invested heavily in establishing our credentials by working closely with International Security associations, Standards’ bodies and we are in-fact approved and/or endorsed by the leading Players in the industry.

Net Security Training is the first specialist Information Security training company in the United Kingdom.

We have kept true to this niche market since our incorporation in 2003. In-fact we were the only independent training Partner that VeriSign ever approved in Europe.

We have been pioneers in commissioning, developing and introducing high end course materials in to the market place. These include Penetration Testing, Securing Network Perimeter, Public Key Infrastructure, Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks, Computer Hacking, IT Security Principals, Security Awareness and many more.

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Net Security Training CISMP

Net Security Training’s CISMP exam prep will ensure that you will learn and acquire good knowledge and understanding of the domains discussed on the Certificate in Information Security Management Principles course.

NST’s CISMP course is aligned with the latest national information assurance frameworks (IAMM), as well as ISO/IEC 27002 & 27001; the code of practice and standard for information security. Our course follows the latest BCS syllabus and prepares individuals for the 2 hour multiple choice BCS CISMP examination.

Net Security Training and the course are both accredited by ISEB/BCS,  to provide official training for their CISMP examination. The CISMP training course will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of the main principals required to be an effective member of an information security team with security responsibilities as part of your day to day role. It will also prepare individuals who are thinking of moving into information security or related functions.

The achieving the CISMP qualification will prove that the holder has a good knowledge and basic understanding of the wide range of subject areas that make up information security management.


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