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EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)

ECSA Course Overview

The vendor neutral Certified Penetration Testing Engineer certification course is built firmly upon proven, hands-on, Penetration Testing methodologies utilized by our international group of Penetration Testing consultants.

The C)PTE presents information based on the 5 Key Elements of Pen Testing; Information Gathering, Scanning, Enumeration, Exploitation and Reporting. The latest vulnerabilities will be discovered using these tried and true techniques.

This course also enhances the business skills needed to identify protection opportunities, justify testing activities and optimize security controls to reduce risk associated to working with the internet. The student will be using the latest tools, such as Saint, Metasploit through Kali Linux and Microsoft PowerShell

Going far beyond simply teaching you to “Hack”. The C)PTE was developed around principles and behaviors used to combat malicious hackers and focuses on professional penetration testing rather than “ethical hacking”.

Besides utilizing ethical hacking methodologies, the student should be prepared to learn penetration testing methodologies using advanced persistent threat techniques. In this course, you will go through a complete penetration test from A-Z! You’ll learn to create your own assessment report and apply your knowledge immediately in the work force.

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You will leave the Net Security Training ECSA Boot Camp with the knowledge and expertise to successfully pass the ECSA exam the first time you take it. Our Boot Camp currently has the highest pass rate in the industry, 94%!


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Course Syllabus

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer students will be able to establish industry acceptable auditing standards with current best practices and policies. Students will also be prepared to competently take the C)PTE exam.

The course consists of 18 modules which cover the following structured penetration testing steps and processes:

Course Overview

  1. • Business & Technical Logistics of Pen Testing
  2. • Linux Fundamentals
  3. • Information Gathering
  4. • Detecting Live Systems
  5. • Enumeration
  6. • Vulnerability Assessments
  7. • Malware Goes Undercover
  8. • Windows Hacking
  9. • Hacking UNIX/Linux
  10. • Advanced Exploitation Techniques
  11. • Pen Testing Wireless Networks
  12. • Networks, Sniffing and IDS
  13. • Injecting the Database
  14. • Attacking Web Technologies
  15. • Project Documentation
  16. • Securing Windows w/ Powershell
  17. • Pen Testing with Powershell

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Additional Information

Who should attend

This training is intended for ethical hackers, network server administrators, security testers and individuals preparing for the ECSA certification exam.